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Every screenshot or CG I post is made by me if not stated otherwise so please do not steal or claim as yours, thank you!
I post complete packs of CGs of every otome game I play, this means this blog isn't spoiler-free.





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god bless your kind soul

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Re:Vice[D] - Other CGs {Part 2/2}
Re:Vice[D] - Other CGs {Part 1/2}
Re:Vice[D] - Kuroda/Grapher's CGs

Just finished Re:Vice[D] and won all the trophies, yesss!! :D I’m super happy but also sad because it was so good ;___; I really hope they’ll make a fandisk, I need after stories so bad!
Obviously I’ll be posting the missing CGs, just wait some minutes~

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…You can see how good they actually look on their live!

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Re:Vice[D] - Yukine's CGs {Part 2/2}