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I post complete packs of CGs of every otome game I play, this means this blog isn't spoiler-free.


Rakuen Danshi

Sayaka Buccaneers and Re:Vice[D] have been shipped this morning! Yay!!

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People wo have never eaten Naples’ pizza don’t know what pizza actually looks and tastes like
Americans above all

There’s so much heat in Naples I’m gonna melt. Is thi even legal?? Thank u grandpa for the air conditioner I love u

do you actually buy otome games or do you download them?

Both! I always try to buy them, both because it’s more “respectful” and because I kinda like collecting games and seeing them on my shelves.
The problem is not the cost of the game itself but the shipping fees Japan-Europe that are usually pretty expensive (I don’t want to risk so I only use trackable methods -> even more expensive). If I could buy them physically in a store like other videogames I’d always buy them, but that’s not the case :|
Anyway since now otome games are moving to the PSVita I’ll have to buy them but I’m pretty cool with that. If someday I won’t be able to afford physical releases I’ll just have to go digital :D that’s the great thing about digital releases imho~

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Rakuen Danshi - Sasazuka Masuke's CGs
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Ovvio, il raduno porta via sempre tanto tempo XDD
Ma almeno quello è piacevole…più o meno xD un po’ meno quando senti la vita lasciarti nel mentre, ma in generale piacevole XDD
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I’m not drawing roses again in my life I swear to god.
And I also swear that sooner or later I’ll post this finished, but it seems like I can’t stay home for more than 7 days in a row without having to leave again, so it’s taking me time. Btw I’m quite satisfied with the result so far…And that’s rare.


love bird has a wash (source)